Contextual Email is Changing the Inbox

Email marketers have heard forever that “Email is Dead” – or soon will be.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report

In the 2016 Contextual Email Marketing Report, Liveclicker identifies significant transformations shaping the email channel and highlights specific opportunities for marketers to begin driving better performance. With over 70% of consumers indicating that email is their most preferred medium for receiving business-to-consumer correspondence – it’s time for marketers to embrace the inbox with contextual interaction.

What’s Inside

  • How contextual email technology works
  • Contextual marketing in the email lifecycle
  • Fortune 1000 performance data
  • Examples and best practices
  • Why contextual email is the next step for the email industry

Leveraging the research from this report, marketers will understand the new power of email within the digital marketing ecosystem and how to increasingly capture more return-on-investment with kinetic and contextual email marketing techniques.

Email marketing will never be the same again.

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