The Internet, social media innovations, and mobile devices have drastically altered the way people receive, consume, share, and interpret all forms of media. In a digital age where audiences have endless media options to choose from, it’s easy to fade into the background. Combat the competition and engage audiences on a whole new level with RealTime Email.

  • Heighten excitement building up to your organization’s next big book, movie, show, or news release with fully embedded video; drive video views 35% – 45% higher.
  • Keep fans “in the know” with live social feeds (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,etc) that update the moment your organization’s email is opened.
  • Seamlessly update programming schedules, tour dates, or product launches in email in real-time based on live changes to your site – even after the email is sent.
  • Gauge your audience’s reaction to your latest article, song, trailer, or show and share the results directly within email with LivePolls.
  • Share breaking news on your site or social media channels and instantly reflect those updates within your email marketing campaigns.

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