Travel Savvy travel companies are embracing Liveclicker’s RealTime Email technology to create unique and contextual email experiences:

  • Reflect real-time changing flight, cruise, or hotel prices from your website within email, even after the message is sent.
  • Leverage destination footage with fully embedded video in email; drive 35% – 45% higher video views.
  • Keep travelers up-to-date with the weather conditions that matter. Dynamically reflect the weather forecast of clients’ destinations within email in real-time – wherever the opener may be!
  • Deliver real-time messages based on a recipient’s native language preference, detected right at the moment of open.
  • Inspire purchases with eye catching destination imagery within rotating image carousels; no coding required.
  • Create a sense of urgency with live countdown timers, rendered on-the-fly right at the moment of open.

See examples from the Travel industry!