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[Retail TouchPoints] Real-Time Contextual Marketing: Five Best Practices To Drive Retailer Success

February 9, 2016 Real-time contextual marketing — people are talking about it, but how can retailers leverage real-time content to be most successful with their customer and prospect marketing efforts? The first step is to understand that real-time contextual marketing isn’t just one “thing.” A variety of content can be triggered based on five primary real-time pillars, and within each of these pillars, there are multiple opportunities for using real-time content Read More »

[InformationWeek] How Contextual Awareness Is Redefining Business Intelligence

October 28, 2015 Online marketers and publishers often serve up ads in the context of search, social media interactions, gaming, or other online behavior. Using IP addresses and GPS sensors, it’s possible to send geo-targeted ads to include location-specific data such as local weather conditions. Email has lagged behind, however. Although emails may be sent in a context that might have been relevant when the email was sent, the message contents may be irrelevant by the time the recipient opens the email. Read More »

[Direct Marketing News] Email, Like Fine Wine, Gets Better With Age

October 1, 2015 With traffic up 16% year-over-year, according to Experian Marketing Services, email continues to be a staple of ongoing customer communications. It is universally understood, cost-effective at scale, and can be made relevant at any stage of the customer journey. “Email remains one of the primary, foundational channels to walk the customer down the path to purchase and repeat purchase,” says Ryan Hofmann, chief brand strategist at Listrak Read More »

[MarketingProfs] Five Best-Practices for Real-Time Contextual Marketing

September 11, 2015 These days, marketing to people based on their real-time context is all the rage. However, although real-time contextual marketing can drive strong results, marketers need to think carefully about whether it’s right for their business. Read More »

[1to1 Media] A Look Ahead at Personalization 2.0

March 16, 2015 A personalized experience used to be as simple as greeting a customer by name, but as digital and physical experiences merge, the bar for meaningful customer experiences is rising. Companies like Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix have trained consumers to expect a personalized experience from businesses. And companies that stick with generic messages and experiences risk throwing away money. Read More »

[Retail Online Integration] 4 Best Practices for Mobile Video Success

March 6, 2015 Video is no longer a “nice to have” feature in e-commerce. Its ability to engage shoppers and increase conversion rates and revenues make it a necessary tool in any retail marketer’s arsenal. Read More »

[The Business Journals] How adding videos to product pages boosts conversion rates

February 27, 2015 Recent research has noted that adding videos to a website can increase visibility on Google, leading to higher page rankings and, subsequently, more visitors to a site. While site visits are an important part of marketing, video can go far beyond attracting site visitors so they can see other content. Video can offer entertainment, education and persuasion for online shoppers. Read More »

[Marketer Quarterly] Sony Previews Products With Video In Email

February 23, 2015 New products can sometimes be hard to explain in just a few words, which is why Sony has turned to video to get their message across. Video helps the brand illustrate and educate its customers about how to use its products and keeps the customer engaged with the brand, so that they don’t go searching YouTube for their answers. Read More »

[MarketingLand] 5 Priorities For Email Marketing In 2015

February 13, 2015 An average email’s life is very short. Within 48 hours most subscribers that are going to open and click already have. There are a few stragglers that will trickle in over the next few days, and the occasional person will open and click on an email sent weeks or months ago, but for the most part the biggest impact of an email is seen immediately after it has been delivered. Read More »

[Retail TouchPoints] Boosts Revenue By 92% With Liveclicker

September 5, 2014 To differentiate from the competition, online retailers are focused on creating more visually compelling experiences for consumers. Some retailers are embracing video to help create this more memorable experience, as it helps add more context and detail to product images already available on the site. Read More »