1. Technical Excellence. As a technology company, we are first and foremost devoted to technical excellence. We architect our technology for future scalability and design our solutions with unrivaled technical creativity and elegance. At the same time, we react swiftly to changing market conditions to ensure our solutions remain at the pinnacle of the competitive landscape.

  2. Customer-Driven. We are committed to delighting customers. We delight customers by meeting and then exceeding their expectations and also by investing in our ability to delight customers. We believe our customers are our strongest sales force. We never forget that without customers, we are nothing.

  3. World-Class Team. We attract the very best people to the company. We believe strongly in professional development by ensuring employees at Liveclicker remain able to express creativity while maintaining professional pursuits. We provide challenges for every employee to ensure continued professional growth and career advancement. We invest in our employees to advance the world of professional opportunities for each and every team member.

  4. Superior Execution. We promote a culture of focus and accountability. Each team member knows specifically what his/her goals are and the criteria by which performance is measured. This culture flows through the entire organization all the way to the CEO and is present on every team. Although the culture we have is one of accountability, it is also one of compassion and mutual support. We not only achieve our own individual goals, but also support our fellow team members.

  5. Integrity. We take the moral high road. We avoid sacrificing our personal integrity for short-term gain. We hold a reputation in the marketplace as a company that keeps its promises, remains dedicated to the customer, and never “over sells.”

  6. Long-Term Thinking. If Liveclicker was a race, it would be be a marathon, not a sprint. Our long term success is built every day by building for the long haul. We relentlessly focus on the “right way” and stay away from the “quick, sloppy way.” We architect the organization for scalability. We institute systems, methodologies, and processes as we grow to ensure we never lose our entrepreneurial edge. We encourage team members to create resources for others and to proactively solve organizational problems rather than just call them out. We make sure that everyone in the company has a vested interest in the long-term future of the company.

  7. The “Ideas Company.” We maintain a strong entrepreneurial spirit where ideas and creativity remain the foundation of our organization’s growth. We strive to maintain this culture as the company grows by remaining aware of external market pressures, keeping an open mind toward ideas generated from within the company, and always going the “extra mile.”

  8. A Fun Place to Work. We work hard but still know how to laugh. We know when it is appropriate to take ourselves seriously and when it’s okay to just let loose. When we walk into work, we check our egos at the door. We are all pushing toward a shared success. We are intensely competitive, but we are not bad sports. We learn from our mistakes and remain keenly self-aware of our performance as individuals and as an organization. We never bad-mouth others, but instead offer genuine respect, courtesy, and the curiosity to learn from our failures in order to achieve long-term success.

  9. Transparency. We are committed to information transparency at Liveclicker. Everyone at Liveclicker has a direct impact on the future success of the company. Everyone needs to know whether the company is healthy or not. It is only by making important information transparent that we are able to sustain a culture of accountability, openness, and personal responsibility.